Invisible Braces - Clear and Transparent Orthodontics

Skip the traditional metal braces and choose a less noticeable alternative. This treatment improves your appearance during treatment without sacrificing the effectiveness of your results.

One of the main concerns about traditional braces is the appearance of having silver brackets and wires covering the surface of the teeth. It is impossible to talk or smile without people seeing the metal. Clear braces are a great alternative because the neutral colored materials blend in with the natural hues of your teeth.

Popular with Adults and Teens!

Clear braces are less visible to other people, so it is easy to see why this treatment is so popular among both teens and adults. Adolescents and teens often prefer clear braces because they create more vibrancy in the colors of the ties.

Regardless of your age, these orthodontic treatments can be used at any stage in life. If you want a straight, beautiful smile, then you need to talk to an experienced orthodontist about the benefits of braces. Choose the clear design to maintain a beautiful, white smile during the treatment time.

Blend in with a Natural Smile

Clear braces are the perfect solution for patients who are looking for a straighter smile while minimizing the appearance of the braces. White wires can be used for special occasions, to minimize the visibility of the braces even more.

For example, if you are anticipating an upcoming wedding, graduation, or family pictures, consider clear braces. These clear materials will allow you to smile confidently without worrying about the visible appearance of the silver hardware.

Explains Everything So Well!

Dr. Ritchey and his staff were very thorough in explaining all of the options to me when I went for a consultation.